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Theron is a certified personal trainer, metabolic conditioning coach and Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach at FAME.  He started with FAME Strength from the very first day.  Theron and Coach Mason trained together before even opening the doors to FAME Strength.   Over the years, Theron has developed a passion for strength and performance as well as boot camp style training.  Theron is also a certified Metabolic Conditioning Coach.  Theron focuses a lot of his training methods on circuit workouts for building a healthy metabolism for weight loss and conditioning for athletes.  Like Coach Mason and Lavan, Theron continues his learning and experience with seminars/certifications/ conferences such as Elite FTS Sports Performance Summit which houses the TOP Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the world.


Theron has a much different story than you would expect from a Strength and Conditioning Coach.  Theron played a lot of sports but never really had the passion to train to take his play to the next level.  That is until he linked up with Coach Mason.  After beginning workouts with Coach Mason, Theron developed a desire to train and learn.  His passion for exposing others to this great lifestyle change is a main reason why he focuses a lot of his training on the Boot Camp style workouts.  Theron has a real passion for changing the lives of our clients, like Coach Mason did for him. 


Theron will help you elevate your workout abilities and entire lifestyle.  Theron is very approachable and a true people person.  His “started from the bottom” story helps him connect with those clients who need to work a lot harder to achieve the success they want in the fitness world.  He is a firm believer in the programs and “Get Your Mind Right!” mentality at FAME Strength.   


Theron is a graduate of King’s College and then went on to earn his Juris Doctor Degree at the Charlotte School of Law.  Theron is an attorney for the Dyller Law Firm in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Theron attributes a large majority of his successes in his professional career to the lessons and mentality he learned through the FAME Strength programs.  Theron currently resides in Hanover Township, PA with his fiancé, Caryinna Yenchak, and their dog “Jackson.”

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